Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wispy Petals of Functional Floral Wisdom

Floral Lessons For Daily Functioning : This perfect , winter white bloom of wispy petals & flirty /lacy perfection seems to be conveying quite the profound message of floral functionalism and petal continuity.A floral fact thats as crystal clear as the sky blue topaz vase its safely ensconced in .Mostly, florally speaking one can be purely whimsical/lacey /wispy/fluttery and flirty, just make sure at the end of the day there is an actual functional bloom or bud in the picture /on a stem and connected to some sort of nourishment and energy source .And not just some random wispy petals floating on the table and ground , reminsicing about the perfect bloom and bud days gone by.

Seeing the bloom or bud for the petals should be a given petal's number one priority.Petals are fickle and should not be the main focus for floral recognition and preserving for posterity purposes.The actual functional bud or bloom should be the main focus. Its easier to stay perfectly preserved in a rigid/ boring /strict neat rose bud outlook and narrow glass vase or even frozen in icy cold weather. Its way harder though to stay perfectly preserved in a flirty /whimsical outlook of lacey petals and flirting blossoms.The fickle petals start falling in different directions. And losing sight of the blossom/bud slowly becomes reality.Until all thats left is 3 or 4 fading petals on a thorny branch , too few to function as a blossom and too old and spent to function as a neat perfectly poised bud .
The question is how should petals that are too few for blossom living and too spent for bud functioning how are they supposed to fabricate function/ purpose and connection. Why are these petals working so hard trying to connect to a root source that cannot help them become perfect blossoms or buds.A root source that doesnt even consider them part of their perfect gardens or worthy of drying for wreath purposes.

Why spend all that effort tryin to belong to a root source and muddy soil that is not conducive to integrating and promoting the growth of flawed blossoms/buds and spent blooms situations. Other than decorative floral accents for festive occasions and ceremonies involving petal scattering, among other user friendly options ......what sort of purpose do these petals have in their floral life among functional flora and foliage. Where should they really be looking for the not your ordinary/ less than functional/ colorful &creative petal connections. Or are they just destined to function as blossom wannabe's/ spent buds or colorful scattered wild petals spreading their petals on meandering paths in various states /cities and cubicles along the roadtrip of life.


Toasted Ryan said...

All petals fall off and whither. No flower can live by or for just its petals. And the rest of the world? They provide no nourishment except for the eye. True they beckon the bee and the hummingbird but even then they only serve pistol and stamen. Yet it is the petals that receive all our love! What's flora to do? No, soil has no real use for petals, save in their ultimate decomposition; yet without petals and their call for attention there would be no roots, no stems, no flower. We can no more focus on the fate of a petal than the meaning of an eyelash or a pretty pout. They are all part of the plant that needs sun, soil, rain and the love of God or His representatives on earth, and they all need each other.

Toasted Ryan said...

That's "wither." I forgot whither I was going.

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

The floral issue of the day is can a given blossom accomplish her floral purpose in the garden without petals or missing petals or with hyper petals that cant stop fluttering and just love attracting the butterflies the birds and the bees which sometime sting.OK theres always the option of not actually functioning as a blossom but as some other player in the garden. The garden hoe is quite the popular alternative though it does tarnish a good wholesome blossoms reputation.But a blossom with spent petals is not about to start worrying about reputation when its a purpose and sense of connection and belonging shes looking for.I guess the garden hoe should be classified as a viable option for all that want to be part of the general garden but dont have patience sitting around promoting themselves to grow populate and reproduce.I mean there is a limit to being forced to function as a perfectly pink heather hedge or a row of petunias bordering a neat ordinary garden.Or even worse having to spend all your days hanging out on a perfectly pruned rose bush just waiting until your petals fade or hopefully being plucked for decorative in a vase or wreath purposes.The pink collar functions in the garden of life like garden hoe should be considered more often when existing as ordinary blossoms/ foliage or shrubbery are mostly not an option.It could even be fun.And you dont have to sit all day in the garden cubicles , garden hoes get quite the workout and get to meet all sorts of interesting flora/ foliage /hedges and shrubbery maybe even a handsome gardener too.Just think of that handsome gardener on Desperate Housewives, I mean who wouldnt want to be his garden hoe.

Toasted Ryan said...

Quite the essay on hoe-ticulture.