Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What Color is Your Tinsel Tree or Outlook

If ure stuck and cant decide what metallic shade of tinsel best represents your iridescent essence just go with all the colors. Be the best everywhere person you can possibly be . Travel hard and often down every right path in unison or in sequence . Marry often . Choice/decision/yes or no / pink or black / gemologist or pharmacist/ brooklyn or manhattan/ jewelry designer or writer/pharmacology or talkology/argumentive/perceptive/ Pollyana/Pippi Longstocking /Peter Pan/ Sponge Bob Square Pants/ South Park/ The Care Bears ....religious or athiest/ dog runner or egg donor/call girl or waitress/ Bar owner or Bar decorator /chabad or aish or kinky jews/ Zionist or Nomadist/ Hippy or Hip Hop. Why is every choice negating by default the rest of the options. . Why would anyone work for their cake or tinsel if they cant eat it or sparkle too.It doest have to be that way.
So the next time your faced with way too many right choices and right paths , just choose Everything/ all choices/ all paths. Stuff will probally stay exciting for way longer , yeah its that simple really.

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Toasted Ryan said...

Choosing everything, all at once, has a tendency to make quite a mess of appointment-keeping.