Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DistractOdox and the Step-Ladder of Distraction

DistractOdox = Dazzling Distractions and Dusty Disssmissals for the Disenchanted
Dispelling contradictions, analytic inconsistencies, questions and notions one sincere dusty dismissal and warm-hearted, dazzling distraction at a time.
Just keep on climbing that well trodded step ladder of distraction !
Oh and dont forget about those color treated gemstones and jumbo plastic pearls of pseudo wisdom.
You can't climb up home without them.
You might trip on the hardcore truth or something.


Anonymous said...

We are more aware of the fine line between spiritual truth and delusion as we approach an opposition with the surreal. Relationships can become confusing as fantasy gets mixed up with reality. Meanwhile, the annoying quincunx with the erratic tempts us to overreact to the restraining entry into progressive interaction without being overly emotional.

Ry said...

Meanwhile, the annoying quincunx with the erratic tempts us to overreact to the restraining entry into progressive interaction without being overly emotional.

What the FUCK?

Anonymous said...

Word of the Day:

Quincunx -- A a standard pattern for planting an orchard, especially in France.

Anonymous said...

In short: fear of commitment holds one back.

Of course, there is good reason to fear commitment, given the annoying quincunx with the erratic...

Ry said...

Ryan know how to use dictionary. Ryan go to college school and everything. Ryan calling out anonymous for talking through wrong hole.

Anonymous said...

If it was so obvious, then why did you ask?

Sorry for touching obviously a hot spot for you. Didn't mean to.

Ry said...


No hot spot. I'm jest playing with you. ;-)

Jaded Topaz said...

I'm feeling all the love right through this complicated intricate well worded threading.

Anonymous, "quincunx" is a great word. Very versatile too.
Speaking of commitment, with men in particular, I was tryin to research the skin tight clothing G-d manufactured for Adam and Eve at the beginning of materialism and I had the pleasure of re-reading parts of the exact punishment awarded to Eve back then in the the garden. (I havent read this since school actually, maybe never at all).
So I was focusing specifically on
the verse assuring Eve "your passion will be for your husband but he will rule over you".

Other than the thousand questions it raises like the definition of "your husband" did Adam and Eve marry at one point between sinning..... and the other parts of the punishment that I find, well, somewhat wanting, I found the part about the "ruling over" confirmation quite interesting and somewhat disconcerting.
This clearly suggests that its not the female temptress that controls the male's sexual desires.
Even though latter day pseudo poskim would love everyone to believe otherwise.
So no more musty modesty worries.
On the other hand, the verse basically suggests that the woman/wife has no power when it comes to sex and the man or husband will be the one who decides /initiates or whatever.

Which brings me back to the sporadic commitment point, why on earth would I commit to a specific guy for a husband, when the bible is clearly assuring me that I will love him passionately and want him, but he will rule over me.

Ry, any thoughts on that biblical verse ? I love the way you capitalized the word fuck, it just makes it so much more playful and user friendly. Biblically speaking though do you think the woman is figuretively fucked in terms of sex and marriage, especially considering Eve's punishment of desiring her husband but the husband being in control.

Anonymous said...

JT -- good questions about A & E. Not sure you have the translations right and concommitant understandings. Sound very Christian.

Nevertheless, all that was after the fall. A & E being one soul, in a state of eclectic wonder before the fall, highlights the always present potential connection between personal and spiritual love, and can lead them to overcoming the anger of a tough Mars-Venus relationship through forgiveness and compassion in conjunction with a vision of beauty and joy.

Ry said...

Yeah, like Nonny said. Mars, Venus, Hearts and Moons, mostly marshmallow, of course.

But of course Eve has the worst of it, being the original original sinner and all. Pretty clear that the person who can move the large appliances is the one who rules right. Not the one who make him move them.