Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rhinestone Studded Stances in Candyland

Sometimes I encounter individuals that insist on using sugar n treats treatises, and reasonings/lingo lifted straight out of Candyland's original Candy Cane constitution for the sugar based masses, to support outrageous stances and arguments .
Do I look and or sound like a fucking sweets n candy n sugar coated concepts lover ?
Sugar coated spiritual treats and fairies n faith for the fumbling tales dont last forever.
The Candy Cane Constitution did not take into account the possiblity of life after sweets n spiritual highs have taken their natural course .
Not everyone even likes candy coated concepts or even candy.
Some prefer to stay far away from sticky candy coated confectionary concontions.
Candy is not dandy. Brandy is.
Just saying.

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