Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Adore Duane Reade Drug Stores

I have a huge consumer oriented crush on Duane Reade drug stores.
For me, its that ubiquitious symbol and source of comfort and convenience .
Always open for me in my time of need.
And generally hanging out on every corner.I have my favorite ones in all parts of the city.And there are so many happy helpers on the shelves to choose from.Color shopping for happiness has never been easier.

From "wine not" ruby red nailpolish to urban fiction.
From holiday decor to heart shaped stickies, colored pushpins to digital pictures.
Early morning hot tamales, midday water or way way past midnight munchie snacks.
Drunk or sober, in club clothes/east river wear or work clothes.
Duane Reade drug store's doors are always open, even for a quick coors.NYC is awesome like that.

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