Sunday, July 20, 2008

Desert Growth

When visiting really hot states, always find time to stop in the heat of the moment to photograph the scenic views on the way. The heat stroke and withered outlook is worth it. I mean where else can you find cactus plants and color growing in the outdoors together so nicely in a business district ?


Anonymous said...

soak up the heat, and store it for winter.

Jaded Topaz said...

Warmth is overrated, it also messes with analytical thinking.
Ever listen to legal arguments that start off expressing personal emotional sentiments and or wholehearted attempts to conjure up wholesome images of peace love justice liberty and control for all?
Only warmth could mislead an individual to actually believe those kind of arguments will prevail and win.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to me in January, when you are traipsing around NY with less than adequate outerwear :-)

Why must you persist in thinking I mean anything beyond the practical?

pee.ess. it is hot here too.

Jaded Topaz said...

lol, well alcohol is generally a great warmth facilitator and body protector.
I don't remember what "practical" actually feels like ;-) .
Acting practical was never one of my strong points.
Dont start projecting or anything...
Also, on the way back to New York I spotted a state sponsored degree indicator blinking 106 inside a neon cactus sign.This was like 9 at night.
Anyway you should come back and visit again ya know.
ABC probably changed their window themes and youre missing the waterfalls and outdoor movies on muggy scenic NYC evenings.
So hurry, it's almost winter again.