Monday, December 07, 2009

Sundays In the Snow

Accomplishments for a very frosty but sparkly Sunday are as follows :

Watched the sun rise at the crack of dawn and it was Pink, it was ethereal !
I now understand the concept of vasikin even with a minyan.

The snow stayed on the trees throughout the day, I managed to photograph quite a bit of the sparkling snowy finery including but not limited to roses in ice !

Watched two of the greatest films of 2009, Confessions of a Shopahalic and The Proposal, other than What Happens in Vegas , Uptown Girls and I am Sam , these two extraordinary films are my favorite at this time.

Still managed to have patience for Desperate Housewives (the best show on earth at this time) and that Google special on CNBC "google visual" sounds like a facinating concept and Marrisa Meyers is one of my heroes.

Caught real snowflakes with my little nephew.

Organized my entire life and made one good correct decision that i'm still happy about.

I think.

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