Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November's Poinsettia's in the Park

The sun gets tired way too early these days.
At Bryant Park, the holiday festivities are in full swing on the tanning grass patch . And the merry go round is all decked out in poinsettia planters and ribbon. I should check out the holiday boutiques.
I love the holiday season and the sparkle and glitter it has to offer.
I just cant believe November 2007 is over.It was just July.
Where did all the minutes go ?


Ry said...

The sun gets tired?!

That makes one of you.

Somebody was up way too late and ignored the advice of one who loves her!

Anonymous said...

Love the sparkly, irridescent observations.

Jaded Topaz said...

lol, heeding advice was never somethin I was good at. I learn differently ;-)
But the sun seems to be setting its rays right about after lunch.
I guess it's time to focus soley on the holiday decor and pretty colored christmas lights sparkling their warmth and enlightened outlooks for all to share!

its so much more fun to observe the iridescent / sparkly side of stuff.And other times if you decorate your life with enough sequins and sparkle it may even override the mundane and muddy parts......