Friday, March 21, 2008

Say it With Whore Say

I came across this quaint coffee mug branded with the mission statement of Mabels Whore House at one of the exhibits at the Museum of Sex.
Quite the mystical mission statement.


Anonymous said...

Jaded! I'd love to see a picture of you on your blog! What do you look like? What do you do for a living?

Ry said...

Yeah, me too!

Anonymous said...

Jaded! We're talking to ya here honey! Granted, we're not as enticing as Ron Coleman but really -- some of us out here anonymously would love a post that gets into your background, affiliation, what you look like!

Jaded Topaz said...

anonymous , ry and everyone interested in my affiliation/ looks and background, not especially exciting or anything but here goes :

I look jaded.
I affiliate with no specific affiliation.
I aspire to be a certified urban sardonic snark.
I love arguing/the truth/color and the care bears.

Ry said...

Okay, but where's the picture, huh?