Saturday, March 01, 2008

All that twinkles with glitter ......

Breathing in the intoxicating scenery at Rockefellor Center this past holiday season and knowing that holiday decorations are not all year long affairs I made sure to spend as much time as I could among the glitter and color . One of the many lessons learned during the after work christmas lights and decor imbibing was that all that twinkles with glitter sometimes, are the Christmas lights during the holiday season.
And If you look hard enough you can spot the single swarovski crystal star in the center .
When I was a kid I believed wholeheartedly in the message "twinkle twinkle little star" was trying to convey.
Now I understand that most of those stars are swarovski crystal or cubic zirconia .
"like a diamond in the sky" is just wishful thinking/ a metaphor or myth not to be confused with wishful fact.
If most stars in 2008 are just swarovski and cubic zirconia, functioning like smiling decor similar to the one that adorns the tree why bother looking up to them for guidance.

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Ry said...

This is a magazine-quality picture!!