Friday, September 05, 2008

Random Sentences/Sentiments

In no particular order :

1) The Gallery Annex of the New York Transit Museum has these fascinating new exhibits. I loved the collections of glasses on a shelf exhibit.
All of the exhibits are really fascinating.

2)I love it when I unexpectedly start off the workday with a cupful of beer, courtesy of the Heineken beer booth in Pershing Square, handing out samples of beer just for being you!
Thank you
Heineken, my morning was so much smoother and brighter.

3) One thing that never ceases to amaze me, are those classy looking Mister Religion promoters on the corners and sides of sidewalks, particularly , the ones in the classy business executive outfits and heavy suitcases filled with all kinds of marketing material.
How on earth did they get to believe so faithfully in the message they are sincerely/ cordially and consistently handing out to the crowds that are passing by?
How is it that, they are so sure of the message on a paper, that they are willing to stand outside in the heat of the sunny days in a suit /tie and heavy suitcase beckoning/inviting/imploring strangers to make the same religious conclusions and choices they did.
Do they ever get tired of certain religious stances /positions and posturing and switch perspectives or points.

Do they change their marketing material or just re-interpret the text to suit the new stances and perspectives they are promoting.
4) Also, sometimes I wonder a little about the religious legal system I grew up on and how it works, from a logical and logistical point of view.

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