Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Think Glitter

I fell in love with this collection of colorful material in the window. For a second my life felt colorful and sparkly, If i had been more aware I may have almost reached a star or two . But then I continued walking towards my destination. Not that there is anything right about my destination, or wrong.

On a more irritating note, I attract the most irritating of situations . Yesterday sitting all tired on the commute home trying to nurse a brain sprain and in no mood for flirty smiley men, cheerful or chatty or catty women on cell phones, sitting down next to me and was thankful when a serious looking individual sat down next to me. but I just knew this was no ordinary commute home. For starters my mp3 earplugs only had one working earpiece, I cant listen to music in one ear only. And then the mother with the baby came on. Lucky for me there was one available seat right behind me. I'm not exaggerating when I say the baby managed to shriek the entire 45 minute commute , right behind me of course. At first I tried empathizing with the baby after ten minutes it was no longerworking . In between shrieks, the mother needed to borrow my blackberry to phone someone and managed to use a few minutes that I no longer had left.
And then the baby went right back to shrieking right behind me the rest of the long commute home.
Babies should not commute during morning or evening rush hour.
Also, tourists should be given a walking speed minimum during morning and evening rush hour. At one point I worked in the heart of the tourist walking district, its impossible to hurry them up they move along sometimes barely moving at all.

Every once in a while I wish I was a tourist though.

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