Monday, July 30, 2007

Z as in Zinnia

Life is like a seasonal garden , one minute your contemplating the tulips/daffodils/hyacinths/ perfectly pink tree blossoms in Madison Square park and before you can say z is for zinnia, the daisys and black eyed susans have started their dance around the lampost . And the perfectly potted petunias are doin the petulant trail downards towards the sidewalks of NYC.

The Iris's are spent and resting in stalks, the chrysanthymums are threatening to flower their dark brooding fall blooms, but those colorful zinnia's are coloring their way through the dog days of summers in a profusion of colorful perfection.
Never losing their hyperactive enthusiasm for all things colorful.

And blooming everywhere and in between, changing mediocre patches of space in the process.

I've spotted zinnias in pretty clay pots at the Bryant park flower shop and behind a large metal gate on a random Lexington ave corner.
I've also noticed them setting up shop in quaint summer cottages along the Jersey Shore and nestling loudly in a patch of grass near a lighthouse.
When I grow up I definitely want to be like the zinnias.


hirsh said...

Jaded- i have read many of your posts on beyond bt & just found you on hirhurim. Appreciate your anger,humor,prose & sometimes your viewpoint.i would like to meet u for coffee/whatever a.k.a. date. yours, tzvi blech

Jaded Topaz said...
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Jaded Topaz said...

hirsh tzvi, ure name sounds vaguely familiar
Do the following pastimes of the past mean anything to you :
too many green apple smirnoff and pink lemonade snapple in saki mug shots on washington square park grass patch.
extra set of keys/california going/swinging in the rain and a certain rabbi friend.not necessarily in that order ......appreciate the appreciation, "sometimes" on the viewpoints notwithstanding.
currently only date non-marriage material oriented /unhappily married non-religious merry men for no strings attached friendship connection sex amusement park roadtrips and or alei shure learning purposes only, but ure welcome to email me at for some jaded inspiration.