Friday, August 17, 2007

The Art That Is Spiritual Graffiti Studded Subway Halls & Streets

Spirituality is quite the rampant wannabe cure for urban banalism in NYC it seems.
Subway halls are adorned with messages of hope and sparkle deep into the winter.
Spiritual advisors are hawking their wares/phamphlets and new & improved bibles around every corner. Ambitious prophets and spirited saviors never tire treading up and down the streets, religiously, rounding corners with their loud messages of hope/ punishment/ hell to pay and heaven forbid.

Some set up permanent residental corners of hope on pieces of pavement and microphone their mindsets and piercing point of views 24/7.
Even Blackbird hawking person seems to be birdcalling to a spirit of another feather.
Do these people ever tire of delivering the same message of spiritual hope to the scores of oblivious /disinterested/ aloof cubicle goers and corner office dwellers doing the park for their lunch minutes.
Yesterday, an indian religion guru spent 15 minutes expounding on his philosophies and then presented me with my very own hard cover version of a new version of I forget which bible. He offered this expensive bible without even knowing if I intended to donate a nickle or a twenty.
A pure example of faith in the masses and in the G-d they are promoting .
What drives these guys to believe so hard in the philosophies they're spouting rigidly and religiously, day in and day out. Rain/ shine/ cold /aloof / clouds or humidity.
I wish I could believe so hard, in that way.

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