Sunday, August 19, 2007

Of Dangling Danburites/Enlightened Rhodolites and Twinkling Tanzanites

So basically we all function as rough rock, trying to fix/ facet/smooth/twinkle/dazzle and sparkle our way towards perfection.
Some have the privilege of gracing the awesome windows of ABC Carpet and Home (see above pic). Other less fortunate rock are forced to roam cubicledom dealing with insecure rock associates.
The question is what kind of rock are we pretending to twinkle/flirt/ function/aspire to inspire as and or incorporate as part of our lasting legacy.
Some Sparkling White Sapphires and Dashing Young Danburites like to pretend they are just Dazzling Diamonds in the rough.
Rambunctious Rhodolites and Blushing Garnets sometimes yearn to have the haughtiness of World Renowned Rubies.
And there are Sneaky Tanzaniques that adopt Twinkling Tanzanite as part of their namesake.
Why always that innate need to integrate and pretend/adopt the characteristics of the more well known gemstones of society.
Wouldnt it make more sense to work on faceting /fixing and or enhancing the rock you were created as, in the enviroment most conducive to personal spiritual rock growth.
Diamonds/Rubies/Emeralds and Sapphires are not the only segments of society one should aspire to belong to. Instead of the many other gemstone segments of society working so hard to belong to segments that are clearly out of spiritual reach with the more than occasional ethical breach, why not work on creating new gemstone named society segments and communities.

And or creative ways to function as the rock your were created as.
There really is no need for skeptical pink topaz to have to pretend to be sparkling pink sapphire/and definitely not twinkling pink diamonds.But that shouldnt stop skeptical pink topaz from decorating her life with twinkling pink diamonds for inner equilbrium.

And lets not forget the fun fact that "in the rough" is the new "fully faceted".
No more worries about being too rough and unrefined, you can now decorate your life around the rough edges with diamonds /sparkly sapphires/twinkling tanzanites or mature tourmaline ,enhancing the rough rock of life with the sparkly decor of your choice. I believe the core changes through spiritual gemstone osmosis or diffusion.

I pick alei shure as the pink diamonds to decorate my unrefined life as a rough piece of jaded topaz.


Ronald Coleman said...

Those alei shure diamonds are only ornamental if they are set properly.

Jaded Topaz said...

True but not necessarily.
They can be ornamental as in decor like decorative, just decorating the life in question.
Do christmas lights need to be set properly to twinkle and sparkle about around the pink cottage in question?
They can just be strung and slung around the only thing thats needed is an outlet for plugging in purposes. The actual setting for the christmas lights is not the highlighted concern in the christmas lights story.
They can be slung around most anything.