Tuesday, December 25, 2007

ABC Windows of Wonder

No one does window decor and color coordinated concepts like ABC Carpet and Home


Ry said...

What a great picture; what a great window! I once would have walked past that window in a second. I wouldn't now. A lot of things are different. Different channels open in one's mind if one will let them, or if one finds a friend with a jade-tipped drill to bore them into a mentality of marble. Entirely different pallets of color become perceivable. Juxtapositions of light, shape and texture, previously ignored, now take on meaning and bring a heart joy, both because of another's shared pleasure and a personal, deeper and broader appreciation of the visual, the sensual, the vivacious and the vibrant. That's what glittery sidetracks can do to an otherwise well-tempered clerically correct cranium if imbibed repeatedly, with regular applications of eclectic reflections and somewhat sodden sequined sequestrations.

Jaded Topaz said...

"somewhat soddened sequined sequestrations"
I loooove this mesmerizing mixture of words and the joyful imagery and jubilant conjecturing it manages to conjure up.
Its quite the merry making / joy to the world kind of word juxtapositioning and general positioning for positive opining on points.

Ry said...

Well that's exactly what I had in mind, then!