Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dear G-d

Dear G-d,
Why Me?
Couldnt you have picked someone a little more qualified, to do the job,especially the tedious mundane tasks that insist on acting as the gift that keeps on working? Just curious.
It would also help if the mission statement was just a tad less opaque.
Also the rampant myopic inlay and optimistic opal underpinnings on accepted opinions are way over the top.

Pippi Longstocking would probally have a hard time with that.
Pollyana opining is not something I understand emotionally.

an ex-spiritual employee


Father said...

Dear Jaded,

Thank you for your lovely letter. You know it means more to Me than anything merely that you direct your thoughts and prayers in My direction. That is far more than half the battle.

Why you? Because My precious ones have to work the hardest in this world, Jaded. And you are one of them, though you can scarcely allow yourself to believe it. You believe in Me, though you cannot see Me; you write to Me, though you do not know My address; yet what you see in the mirror (and there are many kinds of mirrors, Jaded, not all of them glass) you do not believe. Instead you believe the echoes of long-gone voices of flesh and blood -- and some still with you -- fighting their own fights in My world and, regrettably, bending, spindling and mutilating My dear Jaded.

Why do I let them do this? Sometimes, alas, I must answer them as Jonah was answered; this is My world and its profound justice may not be perceptible even to a sharp cookie like Jaded. But you know always that I love you, I do; and I have placed love in My world for you, albeit in some odd places. But you will find it, and it will find you, if you will let it, Jaded, and if you will continue to believe. This I promise you, even though to be frank you have from time to time broken My Own heart. Still, I am always there for you; and your love of My creations -- the pink ones, the purple and the fuscia, for example -- is testimony that you see this, and know this, and gives reason for great hope.

More qualified? You are indeed more qualified, far more, than the tasks demanded of you today seem. Your moment will come if you meet your most challenging task, and if you keep Me at your side, take care of yourself and of your dignity, and nurture the dreams you and I both know you have. You, Jaded, I will not yet disappoint, and I don't even ask you to meet Me half way -- in fact I ask this of no one.

You may not have found this immediately satisfying, but I hope you will save my response and think about it, and perhaps discuss it with a person whose insight you value. Please write again, or just call.

Ry said...

Um, do you realize this is actually a brilliant post?

As to your commenter... I always figured He lurked. But here? Wow. Sparkly indeed!