Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What Color is Your Loophole

Inspiration can be found everywhere, you just need to know what your looking for.
Card in point : A focused organized display card of cheerful material loopholes in a Garment/Fashion District window is believed to be the material spark of inspiration behind the "What color is your Loophole" initiative , initially started to promote a deeper understanding on the real role color plays in the shelf life /general stamina levels and legal durability of a given loophole.
Its a colorful day indeed for Loophole Lovers all Over !!!!
Loophole Lovers everywhere will finally be able to incorporate an innate sense of bold color and irresistable flirty fashion into their unique unquenchable quests for the proverbial loophole.
Whether it be obligation free outcomes/narrow escapes/misconstrued ambiguity/shifting the burden of proof over/alternative choices and plan b or c , a limited number of versatile loopholes will now be availabe in varying shades and hues to complement mood and emotional energy.
Currently, the most readily available loophole color - Ambiguous Amber is beginning to give jaded Loophole Lookers & Locators a musty sense of deja moo and subliminal vitamin deficiency messaging.
Varying shades and hues of readily available loophole color should prove to be the facelift, droopy loopholes in limbo desperately need. And in the process merrily promote a whole new sense of potential opportunity optimism and 100% responsiblity free living.
Happy Loophole Loving and Locating !!!!!!


Ry said...

"Deja moo"?!

Is that O-U "D"? Or maybe you mean a sort of lactose intolerance of color, i.e., the visual vortex "repeating" on you. Or would that be deja hue?

Love it cubed! With whipped cream.

Anonymous said...

"Inspiration can be found everywhere, you just need to know what your looking for."

Well said... but the question is what are you looking for, Alice?

And how does one know what one is looking for?

And how does one know that what one has found is what one was looking for?

These are the questions...

Jaded Topaz said...

LOL "deja moo" is a phrase I've read around it generally refers to that feeling you've heard that bull before. I don't have a source or author but will try to get you one
Deja hue on the other hand has so many possibilities !
As for the ó ü d thing , I'm more of a hardcore belief in a general gd but a little hazy and lazy on the laws and details

Love that alice in wonderland quote refernce. I used to have that alice in wonderland "where do you want to go " quote pasted conspicuosly right on my computer monitor at work. A co worker had sent me the profound directive decisioning quote"
Your other questions are profundity at its finest.so many times I've mistake what I have for what I wanted. Or what I don't have for what I want. Or what I have for I don't ever want. Life is complicated like that.

Anonymous said...

Profundity has its limits. The rabbit hole goes deep -- very deep; deeper than we imagine -- and the Alices of the world will always fall in. But, in the end, we love and remember Alice for being a precocious little girl, which is exactly what she is; we love her for being exactly who she is. And, in the end, there's no need to be overly complicated about that.

Fall in... or don't fall in... but don't lose yourself. That's Alice's legacy...

Anonymous said...


I often feel that I know when I have found something when it just feels, well... found. It's like an immediate, instinctual internal sigh, when the mind and the heart just connect, as though there is a bridge from one to the other. Sometimes we don't know we are looking for something when we find answers, and sometimes we start out with the question in mind.

Sometimes befor we can ask the questions we need to obtain certain tools first that even allow us or bring us to a conscious level to know we even have a question. I personally feel that obtaining these tools are the hardest part of life.

- K

Jaded Topaz said...

Anonymous - (K)
When you say obtaining tools, its not clear what you mean by "obtaining".
There is the concept of fine tuning existing tools that allow for a balanced / focused life perspective and then there is the concept of lacking tools and having to make do with the tools available.
I can think of personal instances where I actually lack the correct tool to ascertain determine decide reason plan or whatever. No I cant manufacture tools out of thin air. Using "tools" that were meant for other activities to accomplish tasks like the hypothetical ones i mentioned is not always the best way to function.Sometimes different is better. Other times different is just well colorful and obnoxious.
According to the Saks Fifth Ave holiday windows this year, "Different is Brilliant".I'm gonna go with Saks for now.
Even though I generally buy my clothes at Abercrombie.....

Jaded Topaz said...

Anonymous- 4:09 pm
I never actually read Alice in Wonderland all the way until the end.
I just used her quotes for decision conundrums and earnest ponderings.
So How do you fall in without losing yourself ;-)
Is it like going all the way when pissed drunk. What one doesnt remember doesnt matter ?
Also complicated is so much more fun than simple.