Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Concrete Message Cast in Stone in Chelsea

Running along to work one day , I came across this concrete synagogue mission statement cast in stone right next to the Chelsea Hotel.
I found the message particularly poignant, even if just for a few minutes. Sounds like the kind of house of worship I would love belonging to.
Spirituality is always just around the corner in the city it seems .
Later on that day 2 fine individuals at Grand Central stopped me to explain their mission in life and what they have to offer in terms of directions. One kept on insisting that all the answers to life's questions are in the bible you just have to know how to read it ! The othe one advised me that their house of worship has classes all the time , and right nearby too.
She assured me that I can feel free to come by any time, as they love answering tough questions.
So if I cant find a midtown Daf Yomi , alternative bible classes for the tough at heart is just a doubt or two and a skip away.

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