Sunday, June 22, 2008

Subliminally Sublime/ Sardonic Subway Ceiling Sentiments

I've always found the subway art scenes the most fascinating concepts to analyze. I've been meaning to photograph this set of cheery eyed subway ceiling sentiments since forever but its always been so crowded and or the wrong minute to stop and photograph the subway art scene.

Two weeks ago I found myself at the perfect spot at the perfect time, yeah life is so good like that.

I did miss a sign or two ("why all the pain" ) but managed to photograph the whole series, mostly.

I always find myself smiling a little with the lips , when running along, just watching the scores and scores of serious individuals walking, resolutely and quickly, straight ahead, paying no heed to the spiritual tonic sentiments spelled out sardonically in black and white above.

Always stop to photograph the subway art scenes.

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