Monday, September 25, 2006

How Jaded will you Jade

So I'm walking down one of the many NYC East side avenues with my brilliantly tart & astoundingly erudite buddy ..... completely enraptured in the rapidity of the give and take defining aimless direction , repentance & side effects. And there on the corner in all its faded glory stood the boarded up remains of the "Jade Lounge". How does the Jade Lounge become a boarded up spent wooden structure with only a limited amount of wooden letters to tell the story of the past. Sort of like a makeshift tombstone without any extra specifics other than a name. How easy is it to just close up shop or lounge or bar..... board up the windows to the soul and leave the sign up for good luck and move on for more exciting street corners or cubicles or situations.I've done that so many times sometimes i wonder how healthy it really is .Is there some kind of cumulative side effect thats only felt a couple of years later ...... Its sooo hard to really know when to move on when to try and make things work,when to fix, when to run the other way ,begins to feel like the proverbial game of roullette a game i was never really that good at. Red or black or in this case brown or oak and youve got the green for some sidetracking in case ure feeling especially lucky like some google searchers tend to feel. Its like if you dont work on the structure you have two choices move on or move on and leave the sign up.Or you can re-do the structure and open up a whole new lounge with new lounge furniture and brand new friends and lovers . and a whole different drink mix offering with new names and all the new flavored vodkas . And maybe an in-house care bear to assist the patrons on an as needed basis.For some reason none of my personal figuretive street corners are worth re-doing or working hard on .I havent chosen the wisest street corners to set up shop in .It may have something to do with the fact that I'm spiritually colorblind and stuff.Also way too distracted by humor.I need to think bout the pros and cons before I just settle on a cubicle corner to focus and work for and in .Until then I think i can just make a career out of tanning at the Jersey Shore until the sparkling sun goes down and crystal clear but cold winter sets in .

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