Monday, September 25, 2006

Pollyana's Pick

So if Pollyana had a favorite flower , considering aesthetics and general outlook , I'm guessing it probally would have been the sunflower. Sunflowers just give off that everything will be florally ok aura .And it does have that larger than (floral) life image thing goin on with the everpresent sunny yellow disposition .You almost expect the lovely bloom to break out in an Optimistic Opal song of sunshine and eternal hope singing high above the other floral arrangements ....... Muddied in a world of weeds and Autumn flowers like chrysanthemums which are depressing by mere association of the weather they usually dress up for in their broody colors/ shades and hues of burgundy ,wine, cinnamon gold , ruby red and a semi jaded purple. Autumn is distinctly depressing, up to and including the spent petulant petals of gardens gone by and the perpetual trail of lifeless /loveless leaves consistently losing their balance on the branches of life and falling faster as the air gets colder and brittle with cloudy winter warnings.

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