Friday, September 29, 2006

Pondering the Perpetual Procrastination Antidote

So accomplishments for this week include nothing also known as nil and bordering on for naught.

Also found this old quote( manually glittered for the think pink initiative) on a paper snipping that was actually on my computer at my longest cubicle curriculum stay.It was originally part of a jewish thought thing that someone forwarded me from his Rabbi.
I always did like Pirkei Avos.Its awesome for peppering conversations with ,especially with religious folks who dont expect you to be peppering your thoughts and comments with Ethics of the Fathers quoting......The featured quote though could work nicely for procrastination issues.
The question is how to go about tweaking the prescription so that obtaining this level of Hillesque living would sort of be attainable.


Brilliantly Tart said...

It might not come in a bottle, Crystal.

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

True, but whether it comes in a bottle ie: liquid /tablets/ capsules/drops or syrup or in a cannister for spraying purposes or blister packed per piece on cardboard or via syringe and injection .....the question still remains who is writing the prescription and how much money do I want to spend on a qualified prescription writer. Or do I just want to write the prescription and tweak the dosages myself.

Brilliantly Tart said...

LOL -- great way to ignore meteoric metaphorics!