Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Blackberryed Irish Brilliance Sparkling on Bathroom Stall Wall

My starry eyed divine inspiration and intervention for this tedious Tuesday came unpackaged via this Irish gem sparkling with innate wisdom (I wish i knew the author). It landed in my blackberry inbox in the wee early afternoon hours. Thanks in full to exceedingly erudite and astoundingly astute Ryan who photographed & blackberryed this piece of bathroom humor, after coming across the poetic piece in a bathroom stall.
It just puts the tedious, the tacky, the tasky , the pesky, the picturesque and the sappy happy happenstancings .... all in their proper and respective perspectives.
If I only knew how to paint with colors like Ambiguous Gray , Wtf White and G-d are you listening Green, Y me Magenta, Already Been Screwed That Way Sage,Cubicle Lover Coral, Plan ahead Purple, or Stop & Think Pink...... life would not be such an iridescent mess of rainbow opal colors.
Running around and off the edges. Like aimless energy and runaway tears running amok and short circuiting along on the wayward neuronal circuitry tracks .....in no particular order or picture.

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