Friday, May 04, 2007

Life - All dressed Up in Fickle Finery and Fridays Finest

Spring is like life, mostly. One day your soul deep in enchanting mystical musings , picturesque moments, lacy pretty outlooks, Alei Shure aspirations and Kedoshim lectures and promises.
And life is a perfect sunny late April morning in Madison Square Park.
The spring intoxication does have those hangover side effects though & before you can say Groundhog day, you find ureself contemplating pits / spent cherries and abc crabapples that have abruptly taken the place of the pretty pink blossoms that must have flirted their way through life till they hit mud. While you were blissfully tanning through the branches.
You notice that the ethereal lacy picturesque moments have become mundane summer tree moments. The pretty petals fade pretty fast into the windblown path of perpetual spiritual bliss.Scattering all the petals of unanswered questions and quests along in flutterlike fashion like little petulant flower girls
Life's fickle like that.

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