Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lipstick in the City/ Kisses on a Necklace/ in the Loft

My favorite building name in NYC, at this time, is the The Lipstick Building.
The Lipstick Building is the perfect architectural branding story, complete with the powerful trademark potential and East River views.
The name always reminds me of my favorite song title , Country music singer George Ducas's "Lipstick Promises". I hardly remember the song or any of the actual lyric content but I love the word combo"Lipstick Promises" descriptive word combinations dont come any more perfect than "Lipstick Promises".
On a brighter/brasher unrelated note, If you're writing your life script using one of those earnest brightly colored lipstick fonts, what better way to reward the attempt towards bright and brash consistency with the complementary indoor/outdoor Kiss resin love seat. Your loft will feel that much more bold, intimate and inviting .I've been saving up for this resin beauty for a while now. It was love at first sight and sit. Happy, like sitting, standing or running is really just a state of being mostly.
Deep down though, I've always had this empty feeling right near my heart. The place where only a certain sapphire studded pendant can really touch the surface.
I've been saving that material space on the outer surface of my heart for a certain Kiss necklace I've fallen head over heels in love with.
I just know once I've saved up enough dollars, this jewelry purchase will just make me feel all warm and sparkly inside.
It's a hearthrob of a pendant, the coveted Kiss necklace , all prettily decked out in sparkling pink sapphires.
In life its all about depth, love and uhm purchases that make you happy !
And for the rest of the days, until then there is Absolute / Smirnoff.

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