Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trademark Intercourse

Quite the confusing trademark relationship.
Are colorful clovers luckier than traditional green ones.
If you're at this pub watching channel four and drinking Irish beer will you automatically get lucky beyond your most colorful lucky dreams ?
Or is the color being used exclusively to emphasize the symbolic nature of lucky clover.


Ronald Coleman said...

Ach, young jaded! You don't even really get the allusion in the sign!

Here, look!

Jaded Topaz said...

Well I may not have "really gotten the allusion" in that symobolic color records before I was born sense, but whenever I pass this particular pub sign the first thing that comes to mind in terms of trademark relationship is that perhaps the current NBC colorful peacock logo slept with the lucky Irish clover and changed the clover's entire symbolic sense of traditional color and leafy perspective.

And all it took was one cup of some powerful , strong and potent branding and Irish brandy and lucky became even luckier.
Like only a lucky symbolic faith touristy oriented trademark drunk on brandy and sleeping with powerful city logos can get.

Its all about the use, used and usage.

Luckier is just a pint of Irish Brandy and a colorful four leaf clover away.
Luckiest on the other hand is already at Rockefeller center getting ready for the holiday decor coordinating.