Sunday, October 26, 2008

Personal Trademark Trampler/Copyrighted Virtual Personhood Killer

Cybergame emotions and intense relationships involving copyrighted virtual replicas of real life personalities/ copied characters marrying each other can get a little out of hand and deliberately deleted sometimes.
Personal trademark murderer and copyrighted virtual personhood killer, who would've thunk.....
Consider the arrested jilted lover in Japan who "deleted" her "cyber husband's" MapleStory digital persona, the reason being quoted as " I was suddenly divorced - without a word of warning. That made me so angry".
Interesting how detrimental "anger" can become when playing games with divorce.
Playing games in general is an utter waste of emotions of energy.
So is this virtual representative of someone's personality and self considered a virtual trademark representing the real life individual?
Or a copyrighted creative digital personhood rendering of the real life individual.
How do you register these virtual replicas of real life personhoods so that you got yourself well protected from mis use,bitter reactions/ interaction or personal intellectual property deletion/damage ?
If you register your real life self with both the trademark and copyright offices does this cover any virtual replications of personality/actions/writings and self in digital format created by the same registered owner.
This all encompassing kind of registration comes in handy when being used to often too !

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