Friday, October 10, 2008

October Morning in the City

Every morning I fall in love with NYC all over again and even harder.
There is so much to be ecstatic about in NYC, taking in the scenes/scenery on the way to wherever you're goin, like work, can make you happier than doing ecstacy.
Bryant Park's flower gardens are still blooming like an ordinary midsummer morning.
If you're looking for a sunny space to catch a quickie early morning or mid-day lunch tan, Bryant Park is the grassy knoll you want to be spacing out on. Dont forget to take in the thriving floral masterpiece of a park sidewalk garden. The garden designers did a really impressive job this year.
Lots of roses, the butterfly bush, phlox, and many other colorful plants,and still blooming merrily.
If you're feeling especially down you can also take a quick spin around under the twinkling lights, on the Merry Go Round. Dont worry, be merry, its all good, and Goethe the statue will be watchin over you.

Also, dont forget to check out the ethereal waterfall exhibit before the weekend is over.
Its the last weekend for viewing. See here for specifics and viewing options.
Thank you Mayor Bloomberg for everything you've done/are doing for NYC.
It really is the best city on earth.

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